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On The Rocks The Cosmopolitan

On the Rocks Premium Cocktails was launched in 2016 by Andrew Gill, Patrick Halbert, and Rocco Milano in Dallas, Texas with the idea to bring the cocktail bar experience into the comfort of your home. They produce premium craft ready-to-drink cocktails using the finest natural ingredients and proper spirits.Their aim is to bring the whole experience of having a consistently perfect cocktail, without the need for multiple ingredients and equipment, and without sacrificing taste. No preservatives are added and the range is sweetened with cane sugar only. After securing several partnership deals with airlines and hotels that recognized the quality of the product the list includes Four Seasons, Hyatt, Hilton, and Hawaiian Airlines the company took off in a big way."My focus was to create bar-quality cocktails that had balance and subtlety of character making cocktails that have layers of complexity rather than being overly sweet, boozy, or otherwise. We operate under the belief that good is the enemy of great. We kept working on our drinks until we had great drinks," says co-founder and mixologist-in-chief Rocco Milano. After Beam Suntory joined to provide quality branded spirits for their cocktails, the road was paved for a smash hit. "We couldnt be happier to have gained a partner like Beam Suntory. Their partnership will help us grow our business much faster, and our collaboration will mean that our hand-crafted, quality cocktails will also include some of the worlds finest premium spirits," said Halbert of the partnership. Right now their lineup consists of The Old Fashioned, The Aviation, The Mai Tai, The Cosmopolitan, Jalapeo Pineapple Margarita, and The Margarita. On the Rocks The Cosmopolitan is their take on the mega-popular cosmopolitan cocktail. Its crafted with the premium Effen Vodka, a Dutch carbon-filtered wheat spirit. Along with cranberry, triple sec, lemon zest, and lime, it makes for a super fresh and exciting cocktail that is one step away from a perfect cocktail. Add ice and youre good to go.Grab a bottle today!
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