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Noble Oak Trinity Reserve

Noble Oak makes unique and award-winning whiskey with a worthy purpose. The folks at Noble Oak are wood fanatics and rightly so. Thats because 70 percent of a whiskeys flavor comes from the wood in which it is matured. They mention: "Our commitment to oak transcends our whiskey, because every bottle plants a tree in partnership with One Tree Planted in an effort to preserve the worlds most majestic forests."Trinity Reserve is a straight bourbon that brings together 3 continents via oak from Japan, Europe, and America. The whiskey is first aged for at least 4 years in new charred American oak, before being finished with meticulously hand-picked oak staves. Ex-bourbon staves bring vanilla and citrus notes, ex-sherry Scotch staves bring dried fruit and spice notes, while new Japanese oak staves bring the profile together, balancing the complexity and adding depth. Released exclusively online, Caskers and Flaviar members have a chance to grab this expression first. Fewer than 2,800 bottles were produced. Paul Pacult of The Spirit Journal has awarded this beautiful expression with 5 stars, noting its "top to bottom, consistent brilliance and on-message character from first whiff through to the finish. No surprises, no changes in direction, just solid, high quality excellence."Grab one of these limited-edition bottles today!
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