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Noble Oak Rye Whiskey

A great whiskey with a noble heart, Noble Oak Rye is first rested in new charred American oak barrels for a minimum of one year. Then it is finished using port wine cask staves to imbue an additional layer of flavor and complexity. The result is a unique rye, elegantly balanced and bold in flavor with notes of fig, toffee and spice. "Our commitment to oak transcends our whiskey, because every bottle plants a tree in partnership with One Tree Planted in an effort to preserve the worlds most majestic forests", say the folks at Noble Oak.The time-honored methods used for its distillation create unrivaled whiskey with body, deep color, and richness of flavor that earned this rye 97 points from the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in 2020.You can expect notes of "freshly milled rye, dark crusty bread, and spicy cinnamon are pungent on the nose. The European oak ex-port wine cask staves provide a rounded richness with hints of dark maple to balance out the staunch spicy graininess. The finish is balanced and enjoyable (Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2020).Pick up your bottle today!
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