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Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon Whiskey

Noble Oak is a unique award winning bourbon with a worthy purpose. The guys at Noble Oak are fanatics about wood. Thats because 70 percent of a whiskeys flavor comes from the wood in which it is matured. Noble Oak Bourbon elegantly marries American oak and sherry-seasoned European oak to create an unrivaled richness of flavor. "Our commitment to oak transcends our whiskey, because every bottle plants a tree in partnership with One Tree Planted in an effort to preserve the worlds most majestic forests", say the folks at Noble Oak.The time-honored methods used fot its distillation create an unrivaled bourbon with body, deep color, and richness of flavor from some of the finest sherry oak staves. The result is a great bourbon with a noble heart. European oak ex-sherry cask staves are used to finish this precious whiskey, and give it additional layers of complexity.This incredible bourbon earned Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018 and was given 94 points at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2018.Pick up your bottle today!
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