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Legent Bourbon

Legent is a bourbon, but its unlike anything youve ever tried because its unlike anything thats ever been created. Its an unprecedented collaboration between two whiskey legends Fred Noe, from the founding family bourbon, and Jim Beams Seventh generation Master Distiller, and Shinji Fukuyo, from the founding house of Japanese whisky and Suntorys fifth-ever Chief Blender. For Fred and Shinji, LegentTM started as a passion project, a chance to continue their pursuit of mastery. Even after numerous awards and reaching the pinnacle of their respected whiskey-making worlds, Fred and Shinji realized there was much they could learn from one another. That they could push bourbons boundaries as well as their own. Leaning into the heritage of Kentucky bourbon-making and Japanese whisky-blending techniques, Legent brings the best of two whiskey worlds together. But landing on the final recipe for Legent took Fred and Shinji years of sitting, talking, tasting and meticulous decision-making. The result is an entirely new way to create bourbon that transcends the broader whiskey category. Its a bourbon with a flavor profile unlike anything else, one that stands out in a cocktail or can be easily enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Legent truly is a bourbon as unique as the two whiskey legends who made it.Pick up your bottle today!
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