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Legendre Herbsaint 100 Proof Liqueur

Herbsaint started out as an anise-flavored liqueur initially created to be an absinthe-substitute in New Orleans Louisiana in 1934. Created by J. Marion Legendre and Reginald Parker, the duo learned to make absinthe in France during WWI. Originally produced under the name Legendre Absinthe, the brand is now produced by Sazerac. The spirit was introduced just after Prohibition had ended, and was designed to mimic absinth, which was banned in 1912. Herbsaint was never considered absinthe, as it did not contain wormwood, absinthes signature ingredient. The Federal Alcohol Control Administration also opposed Legendres use of the word absinthe, and the name was changed to "Legendre Herbsaint, French Creole for "Herbe Sainte" (Sacred Herb), the Artemisia absinthium. Legendre Herbsaint is the vintage-styled Herbsaint, inspired by the World War I era spirit, it has more floral, herbaceous qualities. It is cut to a bold 100 proof and bottled. Pick up your bottle today!
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