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Lejay Creme De Cassis

In 1841, in Dijon, the heart of the Burgundy region of France, Auguste Denis Lagoute created the original Crme De Cassis. Elisabeth Lagoute, Augustes daughter, married Henri Lejay, who quickly made his mark in the family and entered into the family business.Lejay Crme De Cassis is made from two different varieties of cassis, more commonly known as blackcurrants. The blackcurrants are harvested once a year using a special technique that delicately harvests the berries in small trays in order to prevent crushing and fermentation. The fruit is then slowly macerated in small batch distilled French eau de vie. Following maceration, the solids are gently pressed and mixed with free-run juice to create the "virgin mixture". The "virgin mixture" is then decanted, leveraging gravity to avoid filtration and preserve flavor.After being decanted, French crystal sugar is blended with the mixture. Finally, a subtle touch of cassis bud is infused to bring out the natural aromatics of the berry. Lejay Crme De Cassis has an intense aroma on the nose of tart blackcurrant mixed with hints of plum. The palate is rich and fruity with notes of citrus, sweet cherries and caramel. The finish is long and rich with strong blackcurrant and hints of citrus.Lejay Crme De Cassis was called "The Gold Standard" and received five stars from F. Paul Pacults Spirit Journal.New Years Cocktail Suggestion: Kir RoyalIngredients:1 oz. Lejay Crme De Cassis 4 oz. ChampagneMethod:Pour Cassis in a chilled coupe or flute, top with Champagne.Pick up your bottle today!
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