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Jack Daniels Legacy Edition 2 Tennessee Whiskey

Born on September 5, 1850, Jasper Newton Jack Daniel was the youngest of ten children. His parents were of Scottish and Irish descent. In 1864 Jack learned the art of whiskey making from the preacher and an enslaved man named Nathan Nearest Green.Nearest eventually became Jack Daniel Distillerys head distiller. Daniels distillery founded in Lynchburg, Tennessee in 1866 was the first registered distillery in the country (at the time, distilleries were required to register with the federal government, and the Jack Daniel Distillery was given Registered Distillery Number 1). Today, Jack Daniel Distillery is one of the most distinguished and recognizable names in the spirits industry.This Jack Daniels Legacy Edition 2 is the second release in the Legacy Edition series. This expression is inspired by one of the distillerys early original black labels from the 1900s. The Legacy Edition has released several limited edition variations of labels used throughout the brands history. The second Legacy Edition showcases a rope and anchor to celebrate the unwavering legacy of Jack Daniels.Pick up your bottle today!
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