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Jack Daniels Distillery Sinatra Select Limited Edition Tennessee Whiskey

Born on September 5, 1850, Jasper Newton Jack Daniel was the youngest of ten children. His parents were of Scottish and Irish descent. In 1864 Jack learned the art of whiskey making from the preacher and an enslaved man named Nathan Nearest Green.Nearest eventually became Jack Daniel Distillerys head distiller. Daniels distillery founded in Lynchburg, Tennessee in 1866 was the first registered distillery in the country (at the time, distilleries were required to register with the federal government, and the Jack Daniel Distillery was given Registered Distillery Number 1). Today, Jack Daniel Distillery is one of the most distinguished and recognizable names in the spirits industry.Jack Daniel Distillery Sinatra Select Limited Edition Tennessee Whiskey pays homage to Frank Sinatra and his relationship with the distillery. "Frank drew in a crowd by beginning his performances with a toast of Jack," says Jeff Arnett, the master distiller at Jack Daniel Distillery Distillery. "Sinatra Select is a partnership between his family and ours at Jack Daniel Distillery to honor that long-standing, personal affinity. We couldnt be more proud to salute our legendary friend."The whiskey is made from a mash of corn, rye, and malted barley. Once the ingredients have been mashed, they are fermented with a proprietary strain of yeast and iron-free cave spring water. Following fermentation, the wash is distilled and the resulting whiskey is then filtered through 10 feet of charcoal. This filtering process, known as the Lincoln County Process, earns the whiskey the title of "Tennessee Whiskey" and imparts a signature, sweet yet smoky flavor profile.Once the whiskey has been charcoal filtered, it is aged in Sinatra Barrels, which are equipped with unique, deep grooves on the interior of the barrel staves. These grooves increase the surface area of the barrels, and in turn, the exposure of the whiskey to the wood. Following maturation, whiskey maturing in Sinatra Barrels is married with whiskey maturing in traditional Jack Daniel Distillery barrels. As a result of this maturation process, Jack Daniel Distillery Sinatra Select Tennessee Whiskey has a rich amber hue, along with an aroma of sweet caramel, toffee, vanilla and oak. The aroma gives way to notes of leather, candied oranges and woody spices on the palate, and is considerably chewier than the traditional Jack Daniel Distillery Tennessee Whiskey. In addition, the finish is elegant and long, with touches of tobacco and chocolate mingled with notes of cloves and spice.Jack Daniel Distillery Sinatra Select Limited Edition Tennessee Whiskey comes in a unique, 1-liter bottle that is enclosed in an orange-accented case (orange was Sinatras favorite color). "This really honors what he meant to the brand," says Arnett.Pick up a bottle today!
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