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J.R. Revelry Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

Born in Lima, Peru, Jesus Ricardo Tapia (simply Rick to his friends) moved to New York City at the age of five. There, as a young child, Rick fondly remembers his time spent in bodegas, or corner stores, where international families, foods and drinks would come together into one magical experience. While Rick went on to enjoy a 17-year career in the spirits industry, his early memories of the convivial bodega never left him, and ultimately inspired him to launch his own American whiskey brand J.R. Revelry Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey which embodies the same characteristics of friendship and celebration which were so central to his childhood.J.R. Revelry Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey is distilled in at the old Seagram Distillery in Lawrenceburg, IN before being moved to a small, craft distillery in Nashville, TN where it is bottled by hand in small batches. Aged in oak barrels for just under four years, the bourbon has a soft aroma of popcorn, charred wood and peach chutney. The palate is filled with notes of vanilla, toffee, sandalwood, spice rub and raisins, and leads to a dry, complex finish accented by baked apples, cherries, worn leather and mushrooms.J.R. Revelry Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey earned a score of 93 points at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge and won a Gold Medal (scoring 92 points) from the Beverage Testing Institute. Pick up an award-winning bourbon today!
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