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Copper and Kings American Craft Brandy

Copper and King American Brandy Company is a spirits producer situated in the northern part of Louisville, KY, adjacent to the Ohio River and a stones throw away from Indiana, in the picturesque neighborhood of Butchertown. As the name suggests the town used to be home to namely butchers, and brewers, the town is now home to an array of artists, artisans and distillers. They produce a variety of American Brandy, Absinthe and Gin.The label has pioneered the American brandy movement, a spirit largely associated with European markets. Their aged grape brandy is matured in a combination of 90 percent Kentucky bourbon whiskey barrels, and10 percent medium-char new American white oak barrels, delivering a paradigm-shifting new world of brandy that is distinctively American.The result is a smooth and aromatic spirit with a bold rebellious character.Copper and Kings original DNA brandy was first bottled in the mid-2014, comprised of pure copper pot-distilled brandies sourced from several distillers, the DNA of the spirit has evolved over the years as a cascade of aged brandy ambrosia is added to the younger new make (a variation of the classic solera system). Their own stock of spirit distilled in Butchertown will start entering the bottled blends in Spring 2018. Using traditional copper pot-distillation to forge non-traditional craft-distilled, natural, pure pot-still Americanbrandies. Inspired by American whiskey and American music, Copper Kings utilizes a low and slow distillation technique, which requires a relatively low distillationtemperature, allowing for a longer, slower distillation and maximum copper contact, to impart a fruit intensity and concentration of flavors and aromas onto the spirit.The brandy must be aged for two years in oak or longer. This aging process is delicate and sensitive, without any short-cuts. The delicate nature of the distillate requires meticulous maturation. With its fruit-forward luscious notes and toasted oak undertones this truly is the brandy for bourbon lovers.Pick up your bottle today!
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