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Copper and Kings Butchertown American Brandy

Copper and King American Brandy Company is a spirits producer situated in the northern part of Louisville, KY, adjacent to the Ohio River and a stones throw away from Indiana, in the picturesque neighborhood of Butchertown. As the name suggests the town used to be home to butchers and brewers, but has since shifted to a haven for artists, artisans, and distillers. Copper and Kings produce a variety of American Brandy, Absinthe and Gin.The label has pioneered the American brandy movement, a spirit largely associated with European markets. Their aged grape brandy is matured in a combination of 90 percent Kentucky bourbon whiskey barrels, and 10 percent medium-char new American white oak barrels, delivering a paradigm-shifting new world of brandy that is distinctively American. The result is a smooth and aromatic spirit with a bold rebellious character.Their own stock of spirit distilled in Butchertown started entering the bottled blends in 2018. Using traditional copper pot-distillation they forge non-traditional craft-distilled, natural, pure pot-still American brandies. Inspired by American whiskey and American music, Copper Kings utilizes a "low and slow" distillation technique, which requires a relatively low distillation temperature, allowing for a longer, slower distillation and maximum copper contact, to impart a fruit intensity and concentration of flavors and aromas onto the spirit.The Butchertown Brandy expression is a blend of carefully selected reserve casks. 75 percent of it was aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels, while the rest was aged in new American oak. Its non-chill filtered and has no artificial coloring and additives. Bottled at 124 proof, its a uniquely American brandy that flirts openly with bourbon.Pick up your bottle today!
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