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Copalli White Rum

Toledo was the first place in Belize where sugar was produced. It is there, in Punta Gorda, that marine conservationist Todd Robinson and CEO of Belcampo restaurant chain Anya Fernald launched Copalli Rum in 2019. The certified-organic single estate rum is made entirely with ingredients from their own farm. Its super-clean and simple, made with only 3 ingredients: sugar cane juice, yeast, and rainwater. The sustainable farm is spread over 3,000 acres and surrounded by the rainforest. The Copal Tree Lodge offers a 3-bedroom villa and 16 private suites for guests that can learn about the rainforest, as well as distillation, coffee, and chocolate production.The entire process is focused on minimizing waste and the impact on the environment. The sugar cane is planted and harvested by hand, then crushed in the mill. The juice then goes to the fermentation tanks and the dried waste goes into a boiler that creates steam for the distillation. Even the waste from the distillation is used to fertilize the fields. Copalli White Rum is a double-distilled blend of pot and column-still rum that is rested in stainless steel. Bottled at 84 proof, its a balanced, smooth, and bright rum that shines beautifully in a daiquiri or on its own.Grab a bottle today!
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