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Nuda Tequila Extra Anejo

Nuda Tequila was founded by a Persian-Mexican connection, in a way reflecting the two cultures that have played the largest roles in the creation of the famous Mexican spirit. It was the Aztecs that began fermenting the blue agave hundreds of years ago. But it wasnt until the Spanish aristocrat Pedro Snchez de Tagle introduced the distillation process to Mexico in the 1700s that tequila was born. The distillation process itself was perfected in the 10th century by Al-Razi, a Persian alchemist, physician, and philosopher. Nuda continues this story with an added "sensuality, sophistication and elegance of the Queen of Tequila." Nuda has 5 expressions currently in their lineup: Silver (Blanco), Reposado, Aejo, Extra Aejo, and the ultra-premium 5 Years Extra Aejo.The process begins with the harvest of mature, ripe 8-year-old blue Weber agaves in Jalisco, Mexico. Once the leaves are removed, the heart is cooked in order to convert the starches within into sugars. The cooked agaves are then crushed, releasing the juice or "aguamiel". After fermentation, the liquid is distilled 3 times the third and final distillation removing the heavier components, resulting in a pure, clean, and soft spirit.Following the distillation, each of the 5 expressions is aged for a varying amount of time. The ultra-premium Nuda Extra Aejo spends 42 months in used French oak barrels, bringing intense chocolate, vanilla, and oak notes, as well as a distinct nuttiness. It is bottled at 80 proof in sandblasted glass bottles depicting the feminine beauty of the Queen of Tequila.Get your bottle today!
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