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Nooku Bourbon Cream

Old Elk Distillery was founded in 2013 by Curt and Nancy Richardson (creators of OtterBox and Blue Ocean Enterprises) in Fort Collins, Colorado. The label is a collaboration with Master Distiller Greg Metze, they consistently produce top quality handcrafted vodkas, gins and bourbons.Named Colorado Distillery of the Year" by the New York International Spirits Competition for two consecutive years (2016-2017) Old Elk Distillery produces Old Elk Bourbon, Dry Town Gin, Dry Town Vodka and Nooku Bourbon Cream. Created by Curt Richardson in collaboration with Master Distiller Greg Metze, Old Elk Bourbon is a slow proofed whiskey, with a refined character. Their Nooku Bourbon cream marries the high malt 2-year-old with smooth real dairy cream. Nooku" is the Native American name for the white snowshoe rabbit. Its strong, fast, bold, yet soft and smooth character is reflected in this barrel-aged bourbon blended with ultra-smooth dairy cream.Pick up your bottle today!
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