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New Southern Revival Straight Rye Whiskey

Situated in the center of historic downtown Charleston, SC, High Wire specializes in premium, handcrafted, small batch spirits usingthe finest ingredients to develop recipes with a creative, culinary approach.High Wire produces a distinctive line of small-batch gins, rums, whiskeys, and vodkas made from premium, specialized ingredients. Scott Blackwell, a CIA trained baker and owner/ distiller at High Wire, applies his knowledge of artisanal grains and culinary techniques to the spirits he creates.This Rye Whiskey is comprised of 75 percent of ancient Italian Abruzzi an heirloom grain grown in the Carolinas for centuries and prized for its hardy backbone and complex nutty flavors. This rye is complemented by Heirloom white corn adding just a touch of sweetness to offset the boldness of the rye.Pick up your bottle today!
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