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New Southern Revival Sorghum Whiskey

Situated in the center of historic downtown Charleston, SC, High Wire specializes in premium, handcrafted, small-batch spirits using the finest ingredients available. They like to get creative, employing their culinary expertise, when crafting their recipes. All the spirits are hand-made using German copper stills.High Wire was founded in 2013 by a husband and wife team and produces a distinctive line of small-batch gins, rums, whiskeys, and vodkas made from premium, specialized, and local ingredients. Scott Blackwell, an entrepreneur and CIA-trained baker and owner/distiller at High Wire, applies his knowledge of artisanal grains and culinary techniques to the spirits he creates.The distillery operates out of a 6,000 square foot warehouse with a distinct vintage feel to it. The beautiful high, barrelled ceiling and the hand-hammered still can be viewed through windows that connect the distillery to the tasting room, where visitors are welcome to try the spirits and take a tour. Not long after opening the distillery, the pair managed to partner with Dr. Brian Ward from the Clemson University to get their hands on some Jimmy Red corn, which was saved from extinction by Ted Chewning. They use the unique strain of maize to produce a special edition premium whiskey, the Jimmy Red Bourbon. New Southern Revival Sorghum Whiskey is another different take on the spirit that is crafted with the ancient grain sorghum. Sorghum has many uses and has historically been used flour, beer, fodder, and spirits. The production process has as much common with whiskey as it does with rum, since a syrup is first made from the entire sorghum plant, before being distilled. The resulting 88-proof whiskey has a unique and complex profile.Grab a bottle today!
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