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Monkey In Paradise Vodka

Distilled from the highest-grade American corn, Monkey In Paradise Vodka is seven times distilled, seven times carbon-filtered to produce a pure, smooth, drinkable vodka (this is six times more than other vodkas).Monkey In Paradise Vodka is produced by demineralizing water with a proprietary five ppm reverse osmosis system. This extreme level of purification takes 11 gallons of water to produce one "paradise pure" gallon of water for the distillation process. After this meticulous process, the spirit is filtered in copper stills, reducing sulfites naturally to deliver a purer, cleaner taste.Finally, the vodka is charcoal filtered three times, allowing the alcohol and water to age and rest together at four different proof levels. Because the more you filter and allow for "age settling," the smoother the final product. This premium vodka is exceptionally elegant. Distilled and bottled in Palm Beach Florida using only premium ingredients, including non GMO corn. Monkey In Paradise Vodka was unanimously awarded to be the highest rated vodka in the World in 2017.Pick up your bottle today!
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