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Mi Campo Blanco Tequila

Mi CAMPO is a traditionally made tequila. The pias are cooked and crushed by a tahona stone, releasing the juices required for fermentation. The pias are gently squeezed, carefully extracting the juice to avoid any hints of bitterness from the agave fibers, illuminating the agave plants natural honey characteristic and quelling any trace of bitterness.Before Mi CAMPO is bottled, it rests in the same French oak used for aging wine, made by expert coopers who craft their prodigious barrels for Napa Valley winemakers. The result is an incredibly smooth tequila. The Blue Weber agave are matured for 7-years, and 100 percent sourced in Jalisco, Mxico, the Pias are steamed-cooked in stone ovens for up to 38 hours and naturally fermented using open-air tanks, which allow aromatics from nearby citrus trees to fuse with the tequila. Mi Campo Blanco is double distilled, then fermented in open-air tanks, amid fragrant citrus trees, before resting for up to one month in the same French oak barrels used for aging Napa Valley Chardonnay, imparting an incredibly smooth taste.Pick up your bottle today!
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