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Mezonte Raicilla Japo

The non-governmental organization Mezonte is focused on promoting, supporting, and preserving the tradition and heritage of Mexican agave spirits. Led my mastermind, curator, and expert of everything agave Pedro Jimenez, they collaborate with various producers, featuring spirits from all over Mexico, especially Jalisco and Michoacn. These producers provide mezcal, raicilla, barranca, tuxca, sikua, and any other agave-based distillates. Whenever they purchase a batch from a local producer, it never exceeds 60 percent of the batch, as they strive to keep the spirits thriving in the community as well.Mezonte Raicilla Japo is made by Hildegardo "Japo" Joya in Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco. The Maestro Mezcalero has been producing the spirit for his whole life, meaning he has decades of experience under his belt. Everything is done the traditional way: The 12- to 25-year-old Amarillo agaves are harvested under the light of the full moon, they are cooked underground, hand-crushed with wooden mallets, and left to ferment in volcanic rock containers, before being distilled using a direct-fired copper still. Bottled at 94 proof, its a beautiful Mexican spirit and a celebration of a rich distilling tradition.Grab a bottle today!
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