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Leopold Bros. Michigan Cherry Flavored Whiskey

Situated in an industrial complex on the outskirts of Denver, Leopold Bros. Distillery is the brainchild of Todd Leopold. After receiving his diploma in Malting and Brewing from the Siebel Institute in Chicago, Todd moved to Germany and began working at the Doemens School of Brewers and Maltsters in Munich. Then, he apprenticed at four different breweries and distilleries in Germany, before moving to Kentucky to study distilling. In 2008, Todd, along with his brother Scott, moved back to his parents home in Littleton, Colorado and opened the doors to Leopold Bros. Distillery.Together, the Leopold Brothers attempt to marry chemistry with poetry and its working. They are an independent distillery that carries out every step of production onsite. They floor malt, mill, mash, and ferment all the grains in their spirits, and distill, age, and bottle their entire range at their single distillery in Denver. They have the largest floor malting room in the U.S., where they malt their barley. Leopold specializes in small batch products, made from scratch, with natural ingredients. They craft award-winning whiskeys, gins, vodka, liqueurs, fernet, absinthe, and apertivo. They are well known for their eco-brewing techniques and organic ingredients. They received Distillery of the Year award from the American Distilling Institute in 2015.Their small batch whiskeys are made using a traditional sour mash, which is twice distilled to extract the full, round flavors of the locally-sourced corn and rye. Leopold Bros Michigan Cherry Flavored Whiskey is a fusion of sweet, vibrant, tart, Montmorency northern Michigan cherries and their signature small batch whiskey. A traditional pre-Prohibition practice, the cherry juice is blended with the whiskey, then married with the small batch whiskey and aged ex-bourbon barrels.Pick up your bottle today!
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