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Leopold Bros. Georgia Peach Flavored Whiskey

Situated in an industrial complex on the outskirts of Denver, Leopold Bros. Distillery is the brainchild of Todd Leopold. After receiving his diploma in Malting and Brewing from the Siebel Institute in Chicago, Todd moved to Germany and began working at the Doemens School of Brewers and Maltsters in Munich. Then, he apprenticed at four different breweries and distilleries in Germany, before moving to Kentucky to study distilling. In 2008, Todd, along with his brother Scott, moved back to his parents home in Littleton, Colorado and opened the doors to Leopold Bros. Distillery.Together, the Leopold Brothers attempt to marry chemistry with poetry and its working.Leopold Bros. George Peach Whiskey is made from ripened freestone and clingstone peaches sourced from Georgia. Clingstone peaches, as their name implies, have a yellow flesh that stubbornly clings to the pits of the peach. Freestone peaches, which are slightly firmer and less juicy than clingstone peaches, have more texture and a slightly milder flavor. After destoning the peaches, "I add a second step to the distilling process," Todd says. "I put the whiskey back into the still with some of the peach stones that were removed prior to juicing for redistillation. This adds a soft, bitter almond undertone that greatly adds to the peach flavors."After the whiskey is distilled with the peach stones, Leopold blends it with the peach puree he makes from the Georgia peaches and pours the entire blend into used bourbon barrels. The peach whiskey, which earned a Gold Medal at the Beverage Tasting Institute Competition, has subtle notes of honey and citrus, which complement the flavors of the peach and almonds.After aging, each batch of Leopold Bros. Whiskey a batch produces only about 240 bottles is bottled by hand with a label indicating the barrel number from which it came.Try this special whiskey today!
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