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Johnnie Walker 18 Year Old Scotch Whisky

Upon his fathers death in 1820, a young grocer named Johnnie Walker invested his 417 inheritance into a grocery and spirits shop on High Street in Scotland. While Walker himself was a teetotaler, he sold a popular single malt whisky under the name Walkers Kilmarnock Whisky (at the time, it was common for each store to have its own unique spirits). Walkers store was moderately successful, but by the time he retired in the 1850s, whisky sales represented just 8 percent of his business.In 1857, Alexander Walker Johnnie Walkers eldest son inherited the store and began improving its selection of single malt Scotch whiskies. Alexander had previously apprenticed with a tea merchant in Glasgow and there, had learned the art of blending tea. Under his stewardship, the House of Walker began blending whisky and bottling it in an iconic, square bottle adorned with a slanted label. In addition, Walker began crafting exclusive Scotch whiskies for employees and private gatherings treasured whiskies that were only shared with a select few groups on special occasions.Inspired by this tradition, Johnnie Walker 18 Year Old is a supremely rich and full-flavored whisky crafted to be enjoyed during special moments. The whisky is made by marrying together a select number of casks that were carefully chosen from two dozen distilleries and retained throughout maturation as a result of their exceptional character and potential. Each cask used in the making of Johnnie Walker 18 Year Old has matured, like stated in its name for at least 18 years, giving the whisky an intense yet smooth flavor profile.Whisky has an aroma of creamy vanilla, almonds, and tangerines. The aroma gives way to notes of warm fruit, smooth caramel and dates on the palate, which are well-complemented by a subtle smoky undertone. The finish is endless and classic, with notes of sweet vanilla and spicy oak.Johnnie Walker 18 Year Old represents the newest extension to the Johnnie Walker portfolio, and earned five stars from F. Paul Pacults Spirit Journal. Pick up a bottle today!
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