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John Walker and Sons King George V

In 1820, John Walker started out in business with a single small shop, but he always had big ambitions. Just over a century later, John Walker and Sons was awarded a Royal Warrant by King George V.By then, Johnnie Walker was already well on its way to becoming the worlds most popular Scotch Whisky. Becoming a supplier to the Royal Household was an important step on that journey.John Walker and Sons King George V commemorates the granting of the Royal Warrant on 1 January 1934. Created using only the finest whiskies from distilleries that were operating during Georges twenty-five-year reign (1910 1936), some of which, like the famed Port Ellen, no longer exist. They are blended together to reflect the distinctive Johnnie Walker style of the era.John Walker and Sons King George V is an opulent and regal blend, complex, layered and intense, is a kaleidoscope of flavors and aromas. Hints of roasted nuts, dark chocolate and an imposing sweet smokiness combine elegantly with suggestions of honey, citrus orange and rose petals. This is an extremely complex luxury whisky.Pick up your bottle today!
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