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Hardy Noces de Perle Grand Champagne Cognac

In 1863, a London importer named Anthony Hardy settled along the banks of the River Charente in France and founded Maison Hardy, one of the oldest and prestigious cognac houses in the country. Hardy quickly immersed himself in French culture, going so far as to adopt the Gaelic form of his name, Antoine. In 1869, his hard-work and dedication to Cognac were rewarded when Maison Hardy Cognac Fine Champagne was awarded the Diploma of Excellence at the Amsterdam exhibition, one of the most prestigious awards at the time.Today, Hardy is the fifth generation of cognac makers. "We have always asserted our own, very particular spirit," says Bndicte Hardy. "Our cognac style is the exact opposite of robust, and we wanted the colors of the collection to embody the mild character, finesse and daring style that are our hallmarks.Noces de Perle is a blend of ten different Grande Champagnes, containing thirty, fifty, sixty year eaux-de-vie. The Prestige collection is the embodiment of the emotion of times past. This exquisite cognac has distinct raisin notes followed by dried meadow flowers on the finish. There is a certain pleasant gourmet character in the subtly peppery onset that gently develops into hints of vanilla.Pick up your bottle today!
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