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Hardshore Original Gin

Hardshore Distilling Company is a unique distillery, innovating new tastes and textures out with their 1,200-liter Arnold Holstein still. They distill everything at least once.In 2016 Hardshore released their Original flagship gin after nearly four years.Their passion is to create a quality gin while promoting the conservation of the natural wonders of Maine that make Hardshore so unique. Their water comes straight from the Sebago Lake, which is so clean that it doesnt require the use of reverse osmosis purification process. This helps them use up to 30 percent less water than other facilities.Hardshores flagship gin executes a meticulous botanical selection, five botanicals were chosen by creator Jordan Milne. Made with a base of wheat spirit, the juniper, coriander and orris are macerated and distilled together, followed by the rosemary and mint. Hardshore Original Gin is cut to proof at 46 percent ABV.Pick up your bottle today!
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