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Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin

The iconic Gin Mare has taditional Spanish roots. Makers Mark and Manuel Giro come from a famed Spanish distilling family that has been in the industry since 1835. Inspired by the Mediterranean, Gin Mare was born in 2007, created using local botanicals like arbequina olives, juniper berries grown on the familys land, thyme, basil, rosemary and a lot ofcitrus,Gin Mare is a true taste of Mediterranean provenance.Distilled atDestileras Miquel Guans, using sweet Seville oranges, bitter oranges from Valencia, and lemons from Lleida, which is macerated in neutral grain Spiritfor an whole yearbefore being distilled.The extra botanicals in the blend are macerated and distilled separately before being blended together further with grain spirit and water. The result is an iconic Spanish gin that has taken the world by storm.Pick up your bottle today!
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