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Flor de Cana 12 Year

Flor de Caa is a super premium, 5th generation single family estate rum from Nicaragua. Enriched by an active volcano, naturally aged without sugar, additives or artificial ingredients and distilled with 100 percent renewable energy. It is present in over 40 countries and was named the 2017 Best Rum Producer of the Year by the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London.Flor de Caa 12 Year is an ultra premium rum that is full-bodied with a reddish amber color. It has aromas of red fruits, honey and toasted nuts and a flavor with notes of wood, vanilla and baked apples, with a smooth and well-balanced finish. Best enjoyed neat, on the rocks or with a splash of premium sparkling water. This rum has earned several awards including a Silver Medal at the international Rum Conference In Madrid (2017) and a Gold Medal at the San Francisco Spirits competition in 2016. Pick up your bottle today!
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