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Dry Town Gin

From 1896 1969, Fort Collins was a dry town and relied on bootleggers for its libations. After a hard days work, the farmer, the banker, the mill worker, they all had to sneak around to get a sip of the good stuff. They made honest livings. They were good citizens. But they had a little rebelliousness in them, an outlaw spirit that urged them to break the rules.Using the highest quality ingredients, Dry Town created a gin that is made in commemoration of this 73-year Prohibition. Fort Collins, Colorado, was a dry town from the year Utah became a state to the year Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon. For over seven decades. Old Elk Distillery (known for its incredible Old Elk Bourbon and Nooku Bourbon Cream) created the Dry Town brand in honor of the rebellious who kept the spirit alive during Prohibition.Dry Town Gin is a premium four-grain Gin whose prototype took 64 attempts to perfect. Head Distiller Kate Douglas macerated juniper, orris root and fresh oranges for 18 hours before adding angelica, ginger, lemon verbena, lemongrass, lime, sage, and pepper. The Gins character is decisively herbal, citrusy and piney, and a perfect ingredient for a Gin and Tonic, but even more for your contemporary Gin Martini. We wouldnt say its a reinvention of Gin, but it is a fantastic modern take on the ancient Spirit. Citrusy, refreshing and a long mouth-watering finish that will ask for another sip.For its distinct taste and superb quality, Dry Town Gin earned Double Gold at the 2016 New York International Spirits Competition. Dry Town Gin is crafted in Colorado and made with 10 botanicals through an 18-hour soak and vapor extraction. This process brings out the best of each botanical and creates a distinctively refreshing herbal, piney and citrus flavor. Its all about highlighting the ingredients to bring forward the true expression and character.Pick up your bottle today!
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