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DSP CA 162 Straight Vodka

In 1981, Ansley Coale picked up a hitchhiker along Highway 101 just north of San Francisco. The hitchhiker Hubert Germain-Robin was of French origin and came from a family that had been producing cognac since 1782. As the two drove northward in Coales car, Hubert spoke of his familys background in distillation. "Hubert wanted to distill using craft methods handed down for centuries from master to apprentice," recalls Coale, who eventually teamed up with the hitchhiker to found Craft Distillers, which is located in northern California. After purchasing an antique still from an abandoned cognac distillery, Hubert and Coale built a redwood shed and began experimenting with different types of spirits.DSP CA 162 Straight Vodkas name comes from the registration number of the original federal license obtained by Germain-Robin for this first distillery, which was established in 1982. Along with St. George Spirits, this distillery was the first officially licensed "craft" distillery since prohibition began in 1919.DSP CA 162 Straight Vodka is made by blending wheat vodka with vodka blended from aromatic wines local grapes are vinified and distilled on the Germain-Robin cognac still before undergoing a second distillation on a high-proof Holstein potstill. Filtered only slightly, the resulting vodka has an uncharacteristically sweet aroma, leading to a soft, round mouthfeel punctuated by notes of cream and marshmallow. The finish is just a tad sweet, with additional notes of grain and cereal.Pick up an uncommon vodka thats distilled by true craft methods today!
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