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Cotswolds Dry Gin

The Cotswolds Distillery is the brainchild of Dan Szor, a native New Yorker whose 30-year career in finance took him and his family to London, where theyd often escape the stress of city living by spending weekends in Englands Cotswolds. Classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty by the British government, the Cotswolds have been designated for conservation due to their significant landscape value, and its easy to see why Dan was so quickly enamored with the rolling hills and honey-colored cottages of the region.While living in England, Dans deep-rooted passion for whisky led him on annual pilgrimages to Islay, where he fervently explored the various single malt Scotch distilleries. One day, back in the Cotswolds, Dan was staring out of a window at a neighboring barley field when he suddenly had an "aha" moment barley was growing all over the Cotswolds, yet no one was distilling it. Dan decided to be the first, and within just a few years he had snapped up an old barn conversion, commissioned several custom stills and begun distilling the regions very first artisanal spirits at the Cotswolds Distillery.Cotswolds Dry Gin is made from wheat base which is steeped with macerated juniper, coriander and angelica root for 12 hours before a second, unique botanical mix is added. In addition to bay leaf, cardamom seed, lime, grapefruit and black pepper, this second botanical mix also contains locally-sourced Cotswolds lavender, which lends a signature and delicate taste to the spirit. Once the wheat base has been fully infused with both sets of botanicals, everything is distilled through a tailor-made, 500-litre hybrid still crafted by the experts at Arnold Holstein in Germany.As a result, Cotswolds Dry Gin is a classically balanced gin with prominent notes of juniper and crisp citrus on the nose. The palate is citrus-forward with additional notes of earthy spice, and leads to a clean and delicate finish that allows the Cotswolds lavender to shine. The botanicals and oils suspended in the spirits create a distinctive cloudiness when ice or a mixer is added to the gin.Pick up the outstanding natural spirit from an area of outstanding natural beauty today!
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