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Corzo Silver Tequila

In Los Altos, Mexico the heart of Tequila Valley Corzo Distillery has pioneered and patented a distillation process that begins when expert jimadors trim the shoots and stalks from young Highland Blue Weber Agave plants, allowing the plants to focus more of their energy on developing rich and flavorful pias, or hearts. Native to Mexico, Highland Blue Weber Agave plants favor high altitudes and rich, sandy soils. In Los Altos, which is located a mile above sea level and blessed with rich, red soil, Corzos jimadors harvest the pias at their peak of maturity.After the pias are harvested, they are slowly roasted for five hours in order to extract the their sweet nectar. Corzo uses a longer, slower fermentation cycle as compared to other distilleries, going so far as to play Mozart during fermentation in order to help relax the yeast and provide for a more mellow tequila.After fermentation, the tequila is distilled three times. Corzos patented distillation process makes large cuts to the distillate to ensure that only the "heart of hearts"is bottled. As a result, each bottle of Corzo Silver takes about 22 pounds agave to make, nearly twice as much as any other tequila! The aggressive cuts also lead to a sweeter, more ripe tequila. Afterwards, the tequila is sparged a process where microscopic air bubbles are introduced into the tequila in order to let it breathe and provide for a smoother taste before being bottled.Designed by Fabien Baron, the French designer whose work includes some of the most iconic perfume bottles of our time, Corzo Silver Tequilas bottle reflects the contemporary style of Mexican architecture. Its strong, rectangular lines and perfume bottle shape hint at the fragrant and full-bodied tequila that are contained inside.If tequila represents the revolutionary spirit of Mexico, Corzo represents Mexicos modern elegance. Try some today!
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