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Corsair Dark Rye American Whiskey

Corsair Distillery was founded in Bowling Green, KY, in 2008 by childhood friends, Darek Bell and Andrew Webber. The two were home brewing beer and wine in Darek and Amy Lee Bells garage, and developing a prototype bio-diesel plant, which did not go according to plans, when they got the idea to start making whiskey. In 2010, Corsair arrived in Nashville, TN, becoming the first craft distillery in Nashville since Prohibition. The distillery has grown with the city, and in 2016 Corsair opened its second Nashville location, which allowed them to create craft whiskey on a higher production scale. Darek, who was named one of the 10 most pioneering distillers by Spirits Business Magazine, focuses on new recipes for spirits using alternative grains, unconventional smoked grains, and unusual botanicals, while Andrew likes using unusual ingredients in traditional distillations to yield novel, big, aggressive flavors. Together with their team, they create innovative and adventurous small-batch spirits, which have won over 800 medals at national and international spirits competitions. Corsair also makes craft beers, utilizing local farms, and its local malt house and smokehouse to put "Nashville in a bottle."Corsair Dark Rye American Whiskey is made from a mash bill of 61 percent malted rye, 4 percent malted chocolate rye, and 35 percent malted barley. Instead of filling up the mash bill with corn, the Corsair Distillery uses malted barley, which produces exceptionally smooth rye whiskey with chocolate, coffee and spice notes. This also makes this expression technically both a rye whiskey and a malt whiskey, and shows Corsairs desire to do things differently. Corsair never uses artificial flavors or colors, achieving superior flavor and color through quality malted rye and barley, innovative distillation and small barrel maturation. This expression is made 100 percent in house at the distillery, and is never sourced.Grab your bottle today!
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