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Cathouse Pink Pepper Gin

Situated in Newark, New Jersey, the All Points West Distillery takes its inspiration from the numerous breweries that were located in the city. None of the 26 that were quenching the thirst of countless immigrants by 1920 remain today. Named after the railroad that connected the ports of New Jersey with the rest of America, the distillery crafts a range of whiskey, vodka, and gin under the brand names All Points West Malt and Grain Pot Still Whiskey, Bone Black Vodka, and Cathouse Gin all right there in the melting pot of different cultures that is the Ironbound neighborhood.The hand-crafted Cathouse Gin is a range of new Mid-Atlantic style, softer and richer than London dry while relying on the same classic botanicals. They currently produce two 92-proof gins: Cathouse gin and Cathouse Pink Pepper Gin. The first is crafted with traditional ratios of juniper, coriander, and 11 other botanicals including elderberry and rosehip. Pink Pepper Gin adds hibiscus and pink pepper spiciness to that mix. Distilled in a small pot still in single small batches, the gin macerates and distills with all the botanicals, resulting in a full extraction of the aromas and flavors that make up its rich profile.Grab a bottle today!
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