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Bowling and Burch Gin Perennial

In 1795 one Jacob Beam sold his very first barrels of corn whiskey. His great-great nephews Steve and Paul Beam launched Limestone Branch Distillers, Inc. in October 2010, and coming from a long line of distillers going back seven generations, the distillery is a true family affair with a pedigree. Located in Lebanon, Kentucky, the location was chosen by the brothers for being just a stones throw away from the now-long-gone distilleries of the familys past. This setting, in addition to the local grain and limestone water, is crucial to the unique and personal recipes of limestone distillery products. While the distillery started with bourbon, namely the Yellowstone Select, Yellowstone Limited Edition, and Minor Case, they have since branched out. Bowling and Burch Gin is the most recent addition to their lineup and a new chapter in their rich family history. This small-batch spirit is Steve Beams passion project, meaning he grows several of the 17 botanicals that the recipe calls for himself, right on the property. The result is a 96 proof gin with a rich profile infused with the atypical honeysuckle and lemon verbena, among others. This contemporary take on the spirit takes juniper berries out of the limelight: In its stead is a Mediterranean herbal and citrusy nose with thyme and rosemary, with the honeysuckle and lemon verbena present on the palate, along with coriander and oranges, and a spicy finish. It comes in an apothecary-style bottle.Get a bottle today!
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