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Black Button Empire Rye Whiskey

Jason Barrett grew up working alongside his grandfather in a Rochester, New York button factory that his family has owned and operated since 1922. For four generations, the factory has produced high-quality suit buttons worn by "Presidents, Popes, Kings, and businessmen the world over."After graduating from school and working as a business consultant in Washington, DC, Barrett returned to his hometown of Rochester to follow his passion and, at the age of only 24, open up a craft distillery, which is now the first to exist in Rochester since Prohibition. Fittingly, the distillery is named Black Button Distilling Barrett is colorblind, and his family used to joke that if he were to take over the family business, theyd have to start producing only black buttons.Specializing in grain-to-glass spirits, Black Button Distillery produces over 1,350 bottles of world-class spirits each week, and every batch is distilled, aged, bottled, labeled, and hand-numbered at the distillery. "We have a big philosophy here that the closer you are to nature, the better," says Barrett. "Higher quality grains grown in specific ways yield better products."Their Empire Rye Straight Whiskey is true to their grain-to-glass mantra and crafted right there in New York, capturing the spirit of the Empire State. Crafted from a mash bill of 95 percent rye and 5 percent malted barley, its aged in charred American white oak, unfiltered and bottled at 84 proof. Its a rich and bold expression with hints of spice, fruit, and nuttiness. Its also more than just an expression its a part of an initiative of 6 leading NY distilleries that set out to create a new whiskey style, the empire rye.Pick your bottle up today!
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