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Bains Cape Mountain Whisky

Bains Cape Mountain was launched in 2009. This whisky is a critically acclaimed label distilled in Wellington, Western Cape, South Africa at the James Sedgwick distillery. This is South Africas first whisky produced from 100 percent yellow maize. The label is owned by Distell, a South African multinational brewing and beverage company. Bains whisky is Inspired by the Cape Mountains. It is named after Andrew Geddes Bain, the man responsible for bullding the Bainskloof Pass. Andy Watts is the 6th Master Distiller of the company, since its founding in 1886. Bains Single Grain Whisky is double matured initiallly in specially selected first-fill bourbon casks for three years, before being transfer to first-fill bourbon casks for an additional 18 to 30 months. This process extracts a full rich flavor onto the spirit. Bains was named the Worlds Best Grain Whisky at the annual Whisky Magazines World Whisky Awards in London in 2013.Pick up your bottle today!
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