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Backbone Bourbon Uncut

Referred to by some as the backbone of the United States, the Midwest often conjures images of highly-skilled, industrious people whose hard work in fields and factories contributes immensely to the prosperity of our nation. For many such Americans, a glass of bourbon has long been the reward for a tough day spent working in those fields and factories, and Backbone Bourbon Company was established to create big, bold flavors deserving of our attention at the end of a long day.Backbone bourbon is from a mash of 70 percent corn, 25 percent rye, and finished with malted barley in Lawrenceburg, IN. It is aged just under four years and bottled straight from the barrel, uncut at full barrel strength. Its high proof because life isnt watered down and nor should your bourbon (producer). Bottled in Bardstown Kentucky, each batch has a slightly nuanced flavor profile. The barrels are left unblended to retain the true backbone of the bourbon, so the barrel strength varies per batch, ranging from 114-117 proof. Each batch is also a limited edition release.This pure unadulterated bourbon has an incredibly flavorful and rounded profile with earthy tones, notes of citrus, as well the more traditional bourbon notes of vanilla, and baked goods. This bourbon also has a bit of a bite to it, but despite the high-octane proof, the finish is. Discover a true uncut bourbon whiskey, straight from the barrel, crafted to be sipped and savored straight or on a big block of ice. Each batch is a limited edition release that delivers an incredible flavor profile (producer) Get your bottle today!
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