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American Born Apple Pie Moonshine

While Patrick Dillingham and Sean Koffel may not be your average moonshiners both hold MBAs from Stanford, and Dillingham was a quarterback at Notre Dame while Koffel was a captain in the U.S. Marine Corps the duo is passionate about making authentic, Tennessee mountain moonshine.Corn whiskey has been a part of American culture since Jamestown, says Koffel. We wanted to make sure that we produce a moonshine that authentically represents the history of the product. Its been around for generations; its just that now were paying taxes on it.American Born Apple Pie Moonshine takes its inspiration from one of the oldest and most popular mountain moonshine recipes. The nose is filled with tart apples and pie crust, and leads to a palate marked by fresh-pressed cider, fruit cereal and honey. The finish, which is slightly bitter, has hints of crackers and granny smith apples.Our goal is to eventually become a national brand, but we always want to be Middle Tennessees Moonshine, says Koffel.Each bottle of American Born Moonshine comes in a mason jar with a custom-designed lid to allow for easy pouring. Pick up a bottle today!
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