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American Barrels Bourbon Whiskey

Distilled and bottled in Charleston, South Carolina, American Barrels Small Batch Bourbon is made using an ultrasonic method that hastens the maturation process using sound waves to make chemical reactions in the bourbon occur faster than they normally would.American Barrels situated in Fort Myers, Florida, their flagship 90-proof whiskey is distilled and bottled in Charleston, South Carolina. After aging, the bourbon goes through a proprietary filtration process called post-barrel ultrasonic refinement" (cutting down barrel time to several hours) before the liquid is bottled in a bespoke vial featuring a brass shotgun shell and a rattlesnake wrapped around the bottle.This Kentucky Bourbon clocks in at 86 proof, distilled from a sour mash of 70 percent corn, 21 percent rye and 9 percent malted barley. This unique recipe of sweet corn, pepper and rye spice delivers undertones of caramel, vanilla, and cherry.Pick up your bottle today!
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