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Alamo Black Label Bourbon Whiskey

Launched in 2017, Alamo Distilling is a shining beacon of creativity and innovation, honoring the values and traditions that make them Texan to the core. One of the few "grain-to- glass" outfits in Texas, they take pride in their "locally sourced" mentality locally sourcing their products, supporting local business owners and farmers.Their passion is to create premium quality spirits that encapsulates the awesome spirit of San Antonio, this is the driving force behind the entire operation. Alamo strives to infuse that bold Texas spirit into every drop. Nothing short of South Texas magic, Alamo Distilling Co. is situated in the heart of downtown San Antonio at 621 Chestnut.Hand-crafted from select corn, barley, and a hint of rye, each small batch of Alamo Black Label Bourbon is aged to perfection in brand new American Oak Barrels. This unique recipe was designed to deliver a bold, rich bourbon, with sweet notes, and a smooth finish that can stand on its own two legs, neat, or fashioned into any of your favorite cocktails.Pick up your bottle today!
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