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Agave Loco Pepper Cured Tequila Reposado

Tom Maas, President of Agave Loco Brands and, has over 35 years of experience in the spirits industry. Dating back to when he was 11 years old traveling around with his father, who worked on and built distilleries worldwide, during his travels, after visiting a distillery his father was building, he crafted his first batch of whisky. It was at this moment that his passion for distilling was solidified. Tom would go on to help expand three of the top selling whisky brands in the world: Jack Daniels, Canadian Club and Jim Beam. He has also used his valuable expertise to develop some of the most successful brands in the spirits industry: including his award winning brainchild, RumChata, a delicious combination of horchata and rum. Agave Loco is also home to Agave Loco Tequilas. It is said that while in Mexico, master distiller Tom Maas discovered the technique of preserving peppers not in vinegar but in tequila, a commonplace tradition practiced by the Mexican people. Tequila flavored peppers sparked the idea of pepper flavored tequila, and thus pepper cured Tequila was born. This Reposado Tequila is crafted from 100 percent Agave sourced from the Jalisco Highlands of Mexico. The tequila is aged for up to 6 months in ex- bourbon barrels, then infused with jalapeo, habanero and serrano peppers, in addition to three more varieties of sweet peppers, for a total of 6 pepper varietals. The peppers are then steeped in the aged tequila anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks, a process that extracts the most flavorful essential oils from the peppers, yielding a cured tequila, with the powerful flavors of pepper, creating a Sweet Heat. Get your bottle today!
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