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elit Vodka

Created in 2003, this unique vodka was one of the first luxury variants of the spirit to arrive on the market. It is inspired by old traditions where casks would be left outside in the freezing winter cold as a form of filtration. The grains are sourced from their single Kerschinskoye estate in the Tambov region of Russia, where the extremely fertile black soil yields grains of the highest quality. These are then meticulously inspected before being triple-distilled.The distillate is then shipped to the Latvijas Balzams facility in Riga, Latvia. The dilution takes place there using artesian well water, which is forced to the surface via natural pressure and pre-filtered while traveling through porous surfaces, as well as being particularly mineral-rich. After that, the spirit is filtered first using fine quartz sand, then charcoal.The third stage of filtration uses elits signature freeze filtration. The spirit is chilled to -18C and filtered extremely slowly through ion-charged filters. Finally, the 80-proof finished vodka is bottled by hand in stunning slim and elegant receptacles. The premium ultra-smooth elit vodka has garnered numerous awards for its purity and crispness.Get a bottle today!
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