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Prichards Bourbon Liqueur Sweet Lucy

Distilling has been in the Prichard family for 5 generations. In 1822 Benjamin Prichard of Davidson County, Tennessee, passed his still tubs and utensils thereto on to his son Enoch. Benjamins Tennessee whiskey was a sweeter whiskey, made with a high sugar content white corn, and pure Tennessee spring water. It was distilled using ancient pot still techniques.In 1997 Phil Prichard opened Prichards Distillery in Kelso. Prichards Distillery represents the first legal distillery to be built in Tennessee in nearly fifty years. Using some of the highest quality ingredients and the same ancient techniques, Phil was able to craft some of the finest tasting rums and Tennessee whiskeys produced in America.Prichards spirits have a very distinct character which is directly correlated to the production method used. Crafted in small batches using copper pot still techniques, Prichard spirits are created using strict quality control standards. After distillation the resultant spirit is matured in15-gallon to 53-galloncharredwhite oak barrels.They believe in a pure, unadulterated spirit formfrom spirit to its bottle, which is has a unique character of authenticity. From its century old inspired handblown bottles. Master distiller Phil Prichard stumbled across such an antique that would become the muse for the signature American Spirit Prichard crooked bottle shape. Steeped in American history, many of the products we produce harken back to those early days of yesteryear when rum and whiskey were very much a staple of early New England history Prichard says.Sweet Lucy is a bourbon based liqueur born of tradition, backed by a great story like most of their products. As a frequent companion on duck hunts, variations of Sweet Lucy were generally homemade elixirs of peaches, oranges and apricots with lots of sugar and whiskey. Great pride would often be displayed by its maker as the bottle made its rounds for a sip among friends. Prichards Sweet Lucy Liqueur is no different. And as their most popular product, for every bottle they sell, a portion of the proceeds goes to the non-profit organization, A Soldiers Child. Bottled at 35 percent ABV.Pick up a bottle of this signature liqueur today!
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