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Pluma Negra Tobala Mezcal

Pluma Negra Mezcal hails from the town of San Juan del Rio in Oaxaca, Mexico. It is there, in the cradle of the famous Mexican spirit, that Maestro Mezcalero Rodolfo Hernndez crafts the delicious drink. Himself belonging to the 3rd generation of mezcaleros, the Hernndez family has been in the business for 45 years, employing traditional methods. The tahona mill is pulled by a donkey, the juice ferments in pine barrels, and copper pots are used in distillation. The Pluma Negra or "black feather" lineup consists of 4 expressions: the white and black label Mezcal Espadn, the Tobal, and the Tepeztate.The wild tobal agaves used in Pluma Negra Tobal Mezcal grow at an elevation of 3,800 to 5,000ft, taking between 8 to 12 years to mature. Harvested by hand with machetes, the hearts are then cooked underground in earth ovens. After the cooked agaves are ground using a donkey-pulled mill, the pulp is left to ferment for 8 to 15 days (depending on the temperature) in pine barrels using wild fermentation, before being double-distilled in 250-300l copper-pot stills. Bottled at 96 proof, its a complex artisanal small-batch spirit with chocolate, plum, spice, and floral notes that is best sipped neat.Get your bottle today!
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