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Penelope Bourbon Barrel Strength Batch 5 Bourbon Whiskey

In 2018 Mike Paladini and his wife Kerry had a daughter named Penelope. Their bourbon label was created in her honor. Founded with their close friend and Kerrys childhood neighbor Danny Polise, Polise and Paladini distill and age their products in Indiana at MGP using the expert blending and bottling assistance from Castle Rock in Kentucky with Speyside Cooperage providing high-quality American oak casks for finishing the spirits. This award-winning enterprise currently has two bourbons in their regular lineup, their flagship four-grain straight bourbon, and its barrel-strength counterpart.This Penelope Straight Bourbon is a blend of 3 bourbon mash bills sourced from MGP Ingredients, Inc. comprised of four grains (corn, wheat, rye, and malted barley) non-chill-filtered, the barrels its rested in have a #4 char while the heads have a #2 char. This approachable bourbon has an impeccable balance that has earned it several accolades, including a Double Gold Medal at the SIP Awards.Penelope Barrel Strength Bourbon is founded on their core bourbon. They sourced the finest bourbons available, a blend of 3 bourbon mash bills comprised of four grains. This approachable bourbon has a higher proof perfect for whiskey cocktails. Batch 05 is aged 3 to 4 years in new American oak barrels and is bottled uncut at 116.6 proof. This one has scored the coveted Double Gold Medal at the 2020 edition of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition among several other accolades.Pick a bottle up today!
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