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Pau Maui Vodka

Haliimaile Distilling is based in Hawaii, on the slopes of the East Maui Volcano. Its there that the LeVecke family, with over 50 years of experience with spirit-crafting, decided to set up their micro-distillery. The two LeVecke brothers teamed up with industry veteran Mark Nigbur from Colorado, himself a renowned distiller who turned out to be the perfect fit for the budding operation with his unconventional approach. Nigbur relocated to Maui with his family to become master distiller and Haliimaile was ready to go.The distillery houses a growing number of brands that include Mahina Premium Rum, Paniolo Blended Whiskey, Fid Street Hawaiian Gin, and last but not least Pau Maui Vodka, their flagship product. The pineapple vodka was also their first step into the industry and the most obvious choice, as the distillery is located amidst pineapple fields that have been famous for the delicious tropical fruit for more than a century. Maui Gold is a super-sweet pineapple that is perfect for fermentation as well as being exceptionally clean due to the fresh water and volcanic soil its grown on. They make sure to use the ripe fruit that takes 18 months to mature and has a 2-3 day window when it is at its peak ripeness and ready to be harvested.Make no mistake, this is no pineapple-flavored vodka. The fruit a symbol of hospitality actually serves as the base that gets distilled into Pau Maui Vodka. Employing Nigburs signature glass stills and Hawaiian spring water, this vodka is a farm-to-bottle spirit that is wholly unique, delicious, and geared towards sustainability a necessity on the island with limited resources. The crisp, clean, and neutral vodka has garnered several awards, including a Platinum award at the 2019 SIP Awards.Pick a bottle up today!
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