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Oppidan Solera Aged Bourbon Whiskey

Oppidian Spirits was founded in 2015 by Jeff Walsh, pegging itself as the "new American school of distilling." A technique involving traditional distilling techniques and more modern innovative ways of distilling. Known for their unique Solera Aged Bourbon, made using a rum technique to create a younger, more complex bourbon, they now have a complete line of paradigm-shifting experimental spirits.The majority of Oppidian whiskeys are fairly young, and their overall incredible quality and taste are a testament to the value of innovation over age statement.This Solera aged bourbon is distilled from a 5-grain mash bill of corn, malted rye, chocolate malted rye, special B, and 2-row barley, it then enters a unique solera aging process across 3 different wood types: American oak, French oak, and Oloroso sherry casks. The French oak and Oloroso casks are never emptied, creating continuity and increased complexity over time.Pick up your bottle today!
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