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Oola Discourse Three Shores Whiskey

Situated in Seattles Capitol Hill Neighborhood, Oola Distillery was founded by Kirby Kallas-Lewis as "a labor of love, intellectual curiosity and commitment to the neighborhood."The third release in Oolas Discourse Series, Kallas-Lewis describes Oola Three Shores Whiskey as a conversation within whiskey-making traditions. Oola Three Shores Whiskey blends Oolas own American high rye with a Highlands scotch and a Canadian whiskey. The Highlands scotch and Canadian whiskey are first placed into American oak barrels for an additional year of aging, after which they are integrated with the rye. All three whiskeys have influence from the American oak that will later contribute to the beautiful balance that were able to achieve in this whiskey, says Kallas-Lewis.The whiskey has a ever-so-slight aroma of peat smoke, along with a palate filled with sweet tea, cloves, pineapples and pears. The finish is bittersweet, with notes of apple skin, cinnamon and honey.Pick up a bottle of this one-of-a-kind whiskey today!
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