Old Hell Roaring Double Barreled Straight Bourbon Whiskey - Spirits Worth Raising

Old Hell Roaring Double Barreled Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Crooked Water Spirits adheres to three fundamental traits: Quality, Innovation and the Experience. Dedicated to delivering products that exceed expectations producing unique recipes, cask finishing, aging and more. Their signature high proof spirits that are distinctively designed to heighten the drinking experience while raising expectations.When Heather founded Crooked Spirits in 2013, she set out to produce a craft spirit that is approachable yet high quality. Old Hell Roaring is a robust double barelled bourbon at its best, created using a proprietary complex, multi-hour toasting and smoking process. This technique delivers an intensely beautiful experience with rounded notes of deep vanilla, burnt caramel and smoldering campfire. Welcome to Old Hell Roaring, a labor of love.Pick up your bottle today!
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